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Tarot Reading, Vastu Shatra, Crystal healing, Numerology, Meditation, Aroma therapy, Space healing, Candle Magic, Psychic Development, Crystal Ball Gazing or Scrying, Past life regression, Psychic protection, Kundalini Yoga, Coffee Cup Reading, Runes, Pendulum Dowsing, Angel Contact, Akashic record, Astral travel

We welcome you in our fascinating, evocative and powerful world of Divination!

Our reliable spiritual healing methods hold answers to all your troubles. Powered by strong experience and expertise, we assure you that post our healings, all your problems, hassles, difficulties and confusions will run for their lives!.

Certain influences are constantly at work in our lives. Divination tools like Spritiual Healing Hypnotherapy, Numerology, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Aroma Therapy, Space Healing, Candle Magic, Phychic Development, Crystal Ball Gazing Srcying, Past Life Regression, Phychic Protection, Kundalini Yoga, Coffee Cup Reading, Runes, Pedulum Dowing, Angel Contact, Akashic Record, Astal Travel, etc can help you sense these peculiar influences thereby enabling you to make smarter choices in life. All tools of divination seek to draw meaningful answers from the universe. A growing number of people these days

About Us

Poonam is a certified pranic healer, crystal healer, Tarot reader, numerologist, past life Hypno therapist etc.

Poonam Malhotra is a spiritually elevated person who was born and brought up in Mumbai. She has done her double major in English and Psychology from Sophia College Mumbai. Presently she is residing in Delhi and has clientage from Mumbai, Delhi, Australia, Dubai, Bahrain, Bangalore, Germany etc.


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"Poonam aunty is extremely talented caring and very well knows how to provide remedies for the things we feel are insurmountable to handle. She just seems to have what it takes to enlighten and resolve the challenges."

     --- Diwakar Singh (Delhi)

"I want to say thank you to you for giving me the courage that I needed to look at my work situation and relax, knowing that everything would be fine in the end. I was able to concentrate on taking care of myself and those that I love, instead of worrying about getting a work. "

       --- Sunil. (Mumbai)

"We have seeked Poonam's guidance through Numerology & Tarot readings which has helped us to pave the right way ahead for our future. She has divinely powers & her advise has helped us a lot. "

       --- Vanitha & Naveen Jain (Banglore)

"This is to confirm that my mother benefited from the distant therapy sent by you while she was having neuropathic pains, which is an after effect of Chemotherapy"

       --- Puneet

"First of all I would like to thank you for your support and guidance. Your accurate tarot readings helped me a lot in making decisions especially when I was confused. Your healings too helped me a lot. After having sessions with u I have a new perspective to life for which I will be thankful throughout my life"

       --- Praveen (Australia)

"Would like to thank you for the enlightening sessions I've had with you. Going through your session, I gained insight into my life which helped me to make a confident decision about which direction to take in my professional and personal life."

       --- Ajay (Newzeland)